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Summertime blues got you down? Tired of heat waves? Sick of the sunshine? Take Dissimulation for a spin. Brooding shoegazers Emmaline Twist cool things off with eight stunners on their new record. Play them in the darkest room possible for full effect. Opener “Desperate Measures” sounds like the perfect soundtrack to an apocalyptic road trip. “I ain’t got time for promises unkept/Got a job to do, my measures are desperate” sings Meredith McGrade to set the mood perfectly. Things get a little bouncier on “The Call” with a sinister guitar creeping in and out at just the right moments. The aggression turns up on “Battle Flag” with McGrade punctuating every word making them all menacing (“My words become like fists, when swung”) and “Catch Like Fire” places them as the house band at a nightmare dance with just the hint of doomed romance (and a surf guitar that took me completely by surprise).

The b-side of Dissimulation lightens things up (musically speaking) with “Almost Blue” and “Starcrossed” (bringing that night surfing vibe back) before drifting back into the heavy dream pop of “The Golden Hour. This juxtaposition creates a great, dizzying feeling which is perfect for hypnotic closer “Oblivion.” We can all just spin into the darkness as the band sinks further and further with us.

Favorite Tracks: “Catch Like Fire,” “The Golden Hour,” & “Oblivion”

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Emmaline Twist had a great visit with Chris and Sarah over at Eight One Sixty on 90.9 The Bridge.

Show's summary

It’s a double-header this time on the Eight One Sixty! First up Emmaline Twist will be in the studio with us, hanging out and previewing their brand new album, "Dissimulation". The album comes out this Friday, August 24 and that night they’re celebrating with a big show at recordBar along with Sona and Ghost Bones.

After that Shaun Crowley of Manor Records will stop by and talk about the bands playing this Saturday, August 25 at Californos as part of the Manor Records Summer Showcase #2. We hear music from ToughiesPLANET WHAT and Scruffy & the Janitors

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A great interview with Krysztof about how our new record was created, start to finish, on Flatland KC.

From the article : 

Local post-punk band, Emmaline Twist will take a leap forward with the release of its new album, “Dissimulation”, tomorrow.

And though the album represents the band’s formal full-length debut, it is by no means the first rodeo for its veteran band members – Meredith McGrade (vocals, guitar) Kristin Conkright (bass) Jonathan Knecht (drums), Krysztof Nemeth (baritone guitar) and Alex Alexander (synths/guitar).

To new artists and those outside of the industry, the record release process may seem as simple as heading to the studio, recording the songs, and giving those recordings to distributors for sale. But artists who have walked that path know there is a lot more involved.

So, in anticipation of their release, the band’s principal songwriter, Nemeth, gave us a peek behind the curtain to see how the tracks on “Dissimulation” grew from rough recordings to a shiny new vinyl pressing.

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WHO : Emmaline Twist

WHAT : Debut LP – Dissimulation

WHERE : recordBar, Kansas City, MO

WHEN : Friday, Aug 24, 2018

Kansas City, MO –  Kansas City dark wave band Emmaline Twist is proud to announce the release of its debut 12” LP, Dissimulation, August 24 on Kansas City record label cooperative Black Site.  Combining the angular rock of post-punk acts like New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Chameleons, and The Cure with the spacious, dreamy ambience of shoegaze bands such as Slowdive, Tamaryn, and Lush, Emmaline Twist creates a sound unique to Kansas City.  The eight songs on Dissimulation are vast soundscapes that evoke the urgent, anxious energy of bustling cities enveloped by a sonic atmosphere that’s as wide as the prairie sky, yet always retaining the “workmanlike” spirit that is a hallmark of Midwestern rock music.  These songs are not autobiographic revelations; they are universal announcements, intended less as personal stories and more as soundtracks to your own individual adventures.

To properly press to vinyl the complex nuances of the band’s sound, Emmaline Twist enlisted some of the most skilled professionals in the business.  Dissimulation was recorded, mixed, and produced at Massive Sound by Paul Malinowski, mastered by Mike Nolte of Eureka Mastering, and mastered for vinyl by Chris Muth at Taloowa Corp. (The four tracks that had been released online last year have been remastered for this release.)   Coupled with the beautifully delicate cover artwork of Kansas City painter, Amy Abshier, and the clean, minimalist design by the band’s drummer, Jonathan Knecht, Dissimulation is a physical document of a dark-yet-hopeful aesthetic that is truly a reflection of these anxious times.

To celebrate the record’s release, Emmaline Twist is throwing a party at recordBar on Friday, August 24 with Lawrence, KS dream weavers, SONA, and Ghost Bones from Arkansas.

Dissimulation can be ordered now at this publicly shareable link :







BLACK SITE is a record label cooperative created by Kansas City musicians interested in supporting regional punk and rock bands release their recordings on a physical medium. With the world around us becoming a deluge of digital l’s and 0’s, transient as a trust fund crust punk on a cross country excursion, tangible art is critical to maintaining connections to our past, our sense of place, and who we are as a people. Only WE can create the world we want to live in. Reciprocity and solidarity are the cornerstones of building long lasting, self-sustaining community power that pushes back against the commodification of culture. Music is not a business; Punk is not a brand, and DIY is not a lifestyle to be consumed. This is a way of life, and if we don’t hang together, we’ll surely hang alone.




Emmaline Twist featured on I Heart Local Music

Thank you to I Heart Local Music for featuring Emmaline Twist in your awesome blog.  

From the article : 

"Every guitarist in this band is a winner, impeccably executing rich full sounds under Meredith McGrade’s emotional lyrics. They’re just the kind of dark and moody music we need in today’s anxiety-riddled climate, with just a perfect amount of reverb-heavy, nostalgic sounds peppered in. If this were the 90’s, Emmaline Twist’s music would have likely made an appearance on the Buffy soundtrack. A lot of bands can’t pull off that type of brooding without sounding a little up their own ass, but Emmaline Twist carries an aura of coolness about them that has us feeling completely unworthy and carefree at the same time."

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Emmaline Twist prepares to Get Loud alongside fellow justice-minded musicians

Via KC's Pitch Magazine, by Nick Spacek

Kansas City’s Emmaline Twist plays angular rock and roll, swirled through with post-punk influences. Think Interpol, had that band listened to more Wire than Joy Division. And the band’s own pedigree benefits from an eye-catching diversity of talent. Singer and guitarist Meredith McGrade comes from Admiral of the Red, bassist Kristin Conkright from Onward Crispin Glover, drummer Jordan Knecht from the Silver Maggies, and baritone guitar player Krysztof Nemeth from the Latenight Callers. The recombination yields a darkly melodic sound.

The quartet has a single on the way from Middle Class Records and has made waves with knockout performances at the Outer Reaches Festival as well as clubs around town. I spoke with guitarist Nemeth by phone about the band’s music, and its involvement with the Get Loud benefit for KC for Refugees at the Record Bar, sponsored by Musicians for Active Justice

The Pitch: Emmaline Twist is still a relatively new band, yeah?

Krysztof Nemeth: At this time last year, Meredith and I weren’t sure what we were going to do. It wasn’t until that David Bowie tribute, at the end of January, that we had found the other two people to do it. Our first full band practice was in February — which is crazy, because so much has happened in that time. And man, we are so grateful. Think about this: Our first show was at the end of May, so we’ve only played, like, 10 times.

And you’re already signed to a label.

That happened two months into the process. Our discussions with Middle Class started at the end of August, beginning of September, because Don Simon had seen us at our first show, and then Steve Tulipana had seen us at our second show, so that was great, because when they started thinking about who they wanted to work with, we were at the top of the list. Plus, in their words, each of us individually had “paid our dues.”

We had all been in successful bands, so that helped when we started playing out, because people were like, “Oh, great — all these people’s new band!” The initial interest was there just because we had success before, but what kept people after that initial curiosity was that the music was interesting and engaging. That kept the momentum up.

Do you think it has something to do with the fact that there are recognizable elements of your past projects in Emmaline Twist?

Everybody in the band brings — and I’m using air quotes here — “their thing” to the band. Kristin’s work in Onward Crispin Glover: That was a heavy band. To hold down the low end in a three-guitar band? That takes something. I’ve been friends with John Knecht since we were in art school, and his work in the Silver Maggies — another band with a huge sound — he’s back there with a Charlie Watts, Ringo Starr sort of style that you just don’t see a lot of drummers playing.

And Meredith? The three of us talk about how much we love Meredith all the time, because not only does she have this incredibly interesting and intriguing vocal style, but she’s totally holding her own on rhythm guitar and finding her own place in this big sound the other three of us are making, and it just works so well. It’s a great thing to have all of the members of your team coming together to make something that is way bigger than the sum of your parts. It is the most happy that any of us have ever been with any recording process that we have ever done in our careers as musicians. There’s another thing to be completely grateful for, because … wow!

Is it that sense of gratitude that led to working on this KC for Refugees benefit?

I’ve been through a lot of shit in my life, and I’m in a really good place right now, with my family, with my job, with my fiancée, with the reputation that I’ve gained as a musician. It is my responsibility to help others because I am in a good position and can do something.

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Donald Trump. I’ve made my feelings pretty clear on that for the past year. After the election happened, and everyone was so fucking shell-shocked by it, my first thought was, “What can I do? What can I do to help remedy this?” One of my things in voicing my concerns about this is to find your own power to resist it.

How’d it come together?

Within the week of the election, I saw that everyone I knew was flipping out. It was a rough time. I sent a note to Sandra Freeman. She does all the Apocalypse Meow and Midcoast Takeover [shows], and she’s a complete badass. I knew she was upset, too, so I sent her a note saying, “If anyone in this town can do anything, it’s going to be you. What can I do to help make that happen?”

We’re focusing that energy into something positive, because it’s really easy to get a bunch of folks together and get angry. It became apparent really quickly that our shared philosophy was to focus the energy on making a positive impact, locally. That’s what our community has always been able to do. That’s why we’re doing it on inauguration night: It comes down to the idea of empowering and energizing people to get out and do something, instead of sitting at home and watching that train wreck. We want to counteract what we see as the divisiveness of this dude’s rhetoric.•

Musicians for Active Justice: Get Loud

Benefitting KC for Refugees

With the Architects, Emmaline Twist, Hipshot Killer and (the) Medicine Theory

Friday, January 20, at RecordBar

Emmaline Twist included in The Record Machine / PlayListPlay compilation, "How To Keep Dreaming, Vol IV"

Via PlayListPlay :

Our good friends at The Record Machine have released their fourth volume of How To Keep Dreaming, a collection of songs from various artists that aims to turn you onto new music and throw some inspiration your way. The collection of 16 new and unreleased tracks is free to listen to but can be purchased as well for pay-what-you-want pricing, with 100% of proceeds going to The Noise FM’s benefit Noise For Toys.

Noise For Toys is a benefit concert the boys in The Noise FM put on to raise money and donations for Toys For Tots, an organization that aims to help families in needs with gifts during the holidays.

Take a listen to the album below with a full track listing below that and purchase the album via Bandcamp to make a lucky kid’s holiday that much better.

Emmaline Twist featured on KCUR

3 Reasons We're Listening To Emmaline Twist This Week


When Emmaline Twist debuted earlier this year, the self-described "post-punk shoegaze" quartet was embraced by area indie-rock tastemakers. The seasoned members of Emmaline Twist were previously in bands including the Latenight Callers, Onward Crispin Glover and the Silver Maggies.

3 reasons we're listening to Emmaline Twist this week:

1. The quartet of Kristin Conkright (bass), Jonathan Knecht (drums), Meredith McGrade (vocals and guitar) and Krysztof Nemeth (guitar) is signed to Middle Class Records, the RecordBar's new in-house record label. They've released two songs, including “Vega.”

2. The group’s dark, goth-imbued sound echoes British bands like Joy Division and the Cure.

3. Saturday’s show is part of Apocalypse Meow, an annual benefit for the Midwest Music Foundation. The core mission of the non-profit organization is centered on "providing health care assistance, education and career development, events and resources" to Kansas City area musicians.

Emmaline Twist performs on Saturday, November 5, with headliners Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear at RecordBar, 1520 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, Missouri, 64108; 816-753-5207. Apocalypse Meow opens Friday at Mills Record Company, 4045 Broadway, Kansas City, Missouri, 816-960-3775.

Bill Brownlee’s writing appears weekly in The Kansas City Star and Ink magazine. He blogs about Kansas City’s jazz scene at Plastic Sax.

Emmaline Twist announced for line-up of Apocalypse Meow NINE.

The Midwest Music Foundation and 90.9 The Bridge are proud to present the 9th Annual Apocalypse Meow to benefit Abby's Fund for Musicians' Health Care. 

For more information and full list of sponsors visit: 

November 4, 2016, 7 p.m.
Mills Record Company
FREE, All ages
Emcee: Michael Byars (KCUR 89.3)

Chris Meck and The Guilty Birds
Maria The Mexican

November 5, 2016, 6 p.m.
$15, 18 and up
Tickets available at: www.therecordbar.com
Emcees: Jason Nivens (98.9 The Rock!) and Amy Farrand

Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear
Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type
Emmaline Twist
The Invisible World
Shapiro Brothers
Nicholas St. James
Crystal Clayton
Jake Wells

Emmaline Twist thanks #CMFKC2016

We had an amazing time performing at the 2016 Crossroads Music Fest this past Saturday Night.  Thank you to everyone who came down to The Tank Room to experience it with us.

Here's a blurb from Kansas City Star music reporter Tim Finn blogging about our performance. 

Emmaline Twist at the Tank Room

They’re a new band, but one with plenty of miles on its odometer. This ensemble of Kansas City music veterans writes songs that indulge in the better traits of post-punk and shoegaze rock. The Cure is an obvious influence. The influence of bands like New Order and Interpol is more insinuated. The savory twist is the shoegaze element, which recalls bands like Luna. It’s all poured into top-notch songcraft that highlights the vocals of Meredith McGrade, who will remind you now and then of heyday Chrissie Hynde.

You can read the entire article about the festival here at their site.

Emmaline Twist featured in The Kansas City Star

Emmaline Twist has the honor of being featured in today's Kansas City Star.

Read the entire article on their site, here 

SEPTEMBER 8, 2016 8:00 AM

New Kansas City band adds its twists to sounds of post-punk, shoegaze



Emmaline Twist got started in early 2016 when Krysztof Nemeth, former baritone guitarist in the Latenight Callers, started collaborating with Meredith McGrade, a veteran of several Kansas City bands.

“Meredith and I got started in trying to capture the sound and feel of the music we mutually loved: post-punk and shoegaze,” Nemeth said. “Meredith initially played bass and sang, while I employed the baritone guitar as the lead instrument.”

From there the group grew into a quartet, adding Jonathan Knecht, formerly of the Silver Maggies, and Kristin Thompson Conkright, formerly of Knife Crime and Onward Crispin Glover. Then the band switched things up again, Nemeth said, moving McGrade to guitar and asking Conkright to play bass.

“At that point, everyone realized that we’d found the right people for each role, and we started developing ourselves as a unit.”

Saturday night, Emmaline Twist will perform at the Crossroads Music Fest, the annual music showcase in the Crossroads Arts District. Nemeth recently answered a few questions about the band, its sound and its recording plans.

Q: Where does the name come from?

A: In the late 1880s, there was a couple of well-to-do Kansas Citians named Judge Stephen and Emeline Twiss. I was listening to a news story that referenced these two and misheard it as “Emeline Twist.” A few letters later, the name “Emmaline Twist” was realized as a great band name.

Q: How are songs written/composed?

A: Each song and its lyrics starts out as demos I’ve worked up and then brought to the band to turn into Emmaline Twist orchestrations. The songs evolve from there, with everyone’s take on the piece giving it the band’s voice.

Q: What/who do people say you sound like?

A: A combination of post-punk and shoegaze bands like New Order/Joy Division, the Cure, Chameleons UK, and Slowdive.

Q: How do you describe your sound?

A: We describe it as “dark and atmospheric dance rock,” with the caveat that if you don’t want to dance, you can just bob your head and chill.

Q: What’s the status of a recording?

A: We’ve only recorded two songs for the moment as an introductory single. They were recorded and mixed here in KC at Temple Sounds by Lin Buck, and mastered by Duane Trower at Weights & Measures.

We have intentions of recording more of our songs for an EP release in the near future. We’ve also just signed with Middle Class Records, which will help the process along sooner rather than later.

Timothy Finn: 816-234-4781@phinnagain

Emmaline Twist Releases Debut Single

Emmaline Twist is proud to announce the release of their first single, "Vega" b/w "Moon Eyes".

Capturing these two crowd favorites was essential in presenting the sound and mood of the band to the world. Recorded and mixed at Temple Sounds (KCMO) and Mastered at Weights and Measures Soundlab (KCMO), these two songs convey the rich and textural qualities of Emmaline Twist, in both the dance-y (Vega) and the drone-y (Moon Eyes).

This digital-only single is available for purchase and download at Bandcamp.