Emmaline Twist


Emmaline Twist featured on I Heart Local Music

Thank you to I Heart Local Music for featuring Emmaline Twist in your awesome blog.  

From the article : 

"Every guitarist in this band is a winner, impeccably executing rich full sounds under Meredith McGrade’s emotional lyrics. They’re just the kind of dark and moody music we need in today’s anxiety-riddled climate, with just a perfect amount of reverb-heavy, nostalgic sounds peppered in. If this were the 90’s, Emmaline Twist’s music would have likely made an appearance on the Buffy soundtrack. A lot of bands can’t pull off that type of brooding without sounding a little up their own ass, but Emmaline Twist carries an aura of coolness about them that has us feeling completely unworthy and carefree at the same time."

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