Emmaline Twist




In August of 2018 Emmaline Twist will release its debut vinyl LP, Dissimulation, on the Kansas City record label cooperative, Black Site.  The album contains four brand new tunes plus completely remastered versions of the four tracks from the 2017 EP.

Dissimulation was recorded, mixed, and produced at Massive Sound by Paul Malinowski, mastered by Mike Nolte of Eureka Mastering, and mastered for vinyl by Chris Muth at Taloowa Corp. (The four tracks that had been released online last year have been remastered for this release.)   Coupled with the beautifully delicate cover artwork of Kansas City painter Amy Abshier, and the clean, minimalist design by the band’s drummer, Jonathan Knecht, Dissimulation is a physical document of a dark-yet-hopeful aesthetic that is truly a reflection of these anxious times.

THE DESIGN of Dissimulation

Following the visual cues and philosophy of Peter Saville's work with Factory Records, as well as the classic stark and minimalist album art of classic post-punk labels Merciful Release and 4AD, Jonathan Knecht's capturing of Emmaline Twist's " dark-yet-hopeful aesthetic" is perfectly represented in this achingly elegant cover design.


Amy Abshier's painting is a textured and natural compliment to the unyielding typography of the back cover.  Her lush but stark depiction of a white wing against a dense black field perfectly represents the spirit of Emmaline Twist's music, an angular ray of strength and beauty against a seeming limitless abyss.