Emmaline Twist



A great interview with Krysztof about how our new record was created, start to finish, on Flatland KC.

From the article : 

Local post-punk band, Emmaline Twist will take a leap forward with the release of its new album, “Dissimulation”, tomorrow.

And though the album represents the band’s formal full-length debut, it is by no means the first rodeo for its veteran band members – Meredith McGrade (vocals, guitar) Kristin Conkright (bass) Jonathan Knecht (drums), Krysztof Nemeth (baritone guitar) and Alex Alexander (synths/guitar).

To new artists and those outside of the industry, the record release process may seem as simple as heading to the studio, recording the songs, and giving those recordings to distributors for sale. But artists who have walked that path know there is a lot more involved.

So, in anticipation of their release, the band’s principal songwriter, Nemeth, gave us a peek behind the curtain to see how the tracks on “Dissimulation” grew from rough recordings to a shiny new vinyl pressing.

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