Emmaline Twist


Emmaline Twist thanks #CMFKC2016

We had an amazing time performing at the 2016 Crossroads Music Fest this past Saturday Night.  Thank you to everyone who came down to The Tank Room to experience it with us.

Here's a blurb from Kansas City Star music reporter Tim Finn blogging about our performance. 

Emmaline Twist at the Tank Room

They’re a new band, but one with plenty of miles on its odometer. This ensemble of Kansas City music veterans writes songs that indulge in the better traits of post-punk and shoegaze rock. The Cure is an obvious influence. The influence of bands like New Order and Interpol is more insinuated. The savory twist is the shoegaze element, which recalls bands like Luna. It’s all poured into top-notch songcraft that highlights the vocals of Meredith McGrade, who will remind you now and then of heyday Chrissie Hynde.

You can read the entire article about the festival here at their site.