Emmaline Twist


 L - R : Krysztof Nemeth, Meredith McGrade, Jonathan Knecht, Kristin Conkright

L - R : Krysztof Nemeth, Meredith McGrade, Jonathan Knecht, Kristin Conkright


Emmaline Twist doesn’t “write songs”.  This band constructs vast soundscapes that evoke the urgent, anxious energy of bustling cities enveloped by a sonic atmosphere as wide as the prairie sky.  With the workmanlike spirit that is the hallmark of Midwestern rock music, Emmaline Twist combines the angular rhythms of post-punk with the dreamy ambience of shoegaze to create a sound unique to this Paris on the Plains.  


Starting with the solid foundational rhythm section of Jonathan Knecht (drums) and Kristin Conkright (bass), baritone guitarist Krysztof Nemeth and singer/guitarist Meredith McGrade add layer upon on layer of structure and minimalist detail to reveal clean, tightly-crafted songs that are not so much autobiographical documents as they are universal pronouncements, sonic explorations of a dark-yet-hopeful aesthetic that is truly a reflection of these anxious times.


These veteran musicians first came together in early 2016 and immediately found an audience eager for their moody, dark wave sound.  They produced their first video single, “Vega” (dir. Steve Gardels), later that same year.  In the Fall of 2017, they self-released the digital EP, Dissimulation I, as well as their second video -- “Desperate Measures” (dir. Matt Lepley).   In August of 2018 Emmaline Twist will release its debut vinyl LP, Dissimulation, on the Kansas City record label cooperative, Black Site.  The album contains four brand new tunes plus completely remastered versions of the four tracks from the 2017 EP.  A 45 rpm single of “Vega” (b/w “Moon Eyes”) is also due out this summer on Kansas City’s Eat.Hear.Records


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